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Newborn Baby Classes

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Welcome to the world little one... nurturing, multi-sensory baby development classes, suitable from birth

Our Baby Loves Spanish classes are gentle, sensory music & development classes for babies which encourage relaxation and bonding between parent and baby. We introduce newborn babies to Spanish using gentle songs and movements that take inspiration from baby yoga, baby massage and baby reflexology. These movements help babies stretch, release trapped wind and find relief from teething and colic. ll activities offer a gentle way to stimulate the development of fine and gross motor skills in young babies.

I just love how this class ticks all the boxes for baby development (sensory toys and props, lights etc) whilst stimulating mum's brains too! I was really unsure at first (I was hopeless at languages at as school) but BilinguaSing has transformed how I view language learning. Ruben is only 3 months old but he LOVES the music, baby yoga elements and especially the light shows! I am picking up lots of Spanish and feel sure that Ruben being familiar with the sounds of the Spanish language at such an early age will help him too as he gets older. Don't hesitate, just give it a go! " Karen, mum to Ruben, 3 months

Babies aged 0-6 months are better placed that anyone to embark on a second language, and with Baby Loves Spanish they absorb a new, beautiful language through our lovely bilingual baby music soundtrack of nursery rhymes and lullabies, Baby Loves Spanish CD1!

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See how celebrity mum Sam Faiers makes Spanish a priority for Baby Paul!

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Baby Loves Spanish CD1

AUG15_Jewel_Case_Booklet BABY LOVES Spanish_vol1_1We bought this CD after attending the fabulous "Baby Loves Spanish" classes in Windsor. My 10 month old loves listening to it in the car and claps along happily."

Madeleine, mum to Jacob (6 months).

Mobile Baby Classes

Bouncing babies on the move...

Baby Loves Spanish music classes, for sitting, crawling and toddling babies 

Our crawling-toddling baby class is for bouncing babes who are on the way to crawling or finding their feet. This fun-filled, high-energy baby development class uses a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills.

You will absolutely love your baby's squeals of delight as they get tipped upside down in the 'Upside-Down Ducks' song and you'll always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs of  'The Sun Goes Up' which we sing at the end of each crawling-toddling class. Each session is a fun-filled adventure with our snuggly puppet characters, lighting effects, funky props and parachutes which keep your little one engaged from start to finish! Babies are introduced to instruments in this class, and parents delight in watching their little one's growing sense of musicality and rhythm as they experiment with making different sounds.

The class is set to our Baby Loves Spanish CD2 soundtrack of original baby music, remixed nursery rhymes and lullabies with a few of our favourites from CD1 thrown in for good measure!

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Baby Loves Spanish CD2

BilinguaSingCDBABYLOVESSpanish_vol2I take my baby son to BilinguaSing classes every week. He loves the classes so much so I bought him the CD to listen to at home. We both enjoy listening to it. It's so cheerful and I have learnt all the Spanish words without even realising it! " Esme, mum to Ben (3 months).