Award-winning music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

Award-winning music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

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'We Sing French' -  award-winning music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

My 3 year old and I have been attending our French class for a term now. It truly is one of the highlights of our week, and hearing our little boy join in with all the songs in French as well as English is a real joy! We love the CDs too. Merci merci merci!" - Lucy Dickson, Mum to Arthur, age 3

So your little one is now exploring the world on two feet! We Sing French is our fun-filled, highly interactive music and language class for busy toddlers, preschoolers and their little siblings. They will continue to hear many of their favourite songs from their baby classes as well as being introduced to new ones from We Sing French Volume 1, but they will start to perform actions themselves and interact with the props with greater control as their motor skills develop. Your teacher will use drama, creative play, dance and movement all set to a fantastic soundtrack of familiar nursery rhymes and traditional Spanish or French songs.

We Sing French is all about building your little one's confidence with music and language as well as focusing on their physical and emotional development. The class nurtures a lifetime of language-learning through music and play! Find a class near you!

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We Sing French Volume 1

BilinguaSing CD WeSingFrench Vol1Fabulous collection of children's songs, that my son (6 months) loves listening to in the car. A great start to teaching your child a second language and improving your language skills! I also have the Spanish CD which I would again highly recommend." Charlotte, mum to Freddie, 6 months