Award-winning music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

Music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

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'We Sing Spanish' - award-winning music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

"Ooohh we LOVE your toddler classes! We're chuffed to bits we found you and I've even got my little girl's Grandma learning some Spanish and she's the least confident person with languages I've ever met. Thank you for such brilliant songs and lots of fun each week!" Louisa, mum to toddler Lissie

So your little one is now exploring the world on two feet! We Sing Spanish is our fun-filled, highly interactive music class for toddlers, preschoolers and their little siblings. They will continue to hear many of their favourite songs from their baby classes as well as being introduced to new ones from We Sing Spanish Volume 1 but they will start to respond the to them in a more active way, performing actions themselves and interacting with the props with greater control as their motor skills develop. Your teacher will use drama, creative play, dance and movement all set to our award-winning toddler music.

We Sing Spanish is all about building your toddler's confidence with music and language as well as focusing on their physical and emotional development. The class nurtures a lifetime of language-learning through music and play! Find a class here.

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...there aren't many CDs I can stand to have on constant repeat in the car, but I have to say this is one of them! My son adores the songs and I love them too - pretty voices and tunes that you can't help but sing along to.' Sally, mum to Paul, age 3.