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MICHELE768IMG_8035 iHola! / Salut! I’m Kirsty - the proud owner of BilinguaSing East Lancashire! I have been passionate about languages from an early age and Spanish, in particular has played a huge part in my education and career. Becoming a Mum made me really appreciate the benefits of teaching children a second language at an early age. Having shared many special moments with Sophie at Baby and Toddler groups, it made me wonder if any groups existed that incorporated languages…and that’s when I discovered BilinguaSing! Language is learnt through the power of music in a stimulating and magical environment. Not only do babies soak up the language but Mums and Dads too! Sessions include carefully balanced activities covering baby massage, yoga, sensory stimulants, toys, music, sign language and singing in two languages…all in one class! So if you have always wanted to learn a language but don’t fancy the tedious chore of reeling off vocabulary lists and swotting over grammar text books, combine precious fun moments with your little one with soaking up a second language through the joy of nursery rhymes and ‘feel good’ songs. In an ever globalising market, the benefits of children learning a second language have never been greater and I just know that both you and your little one will love it! Kirsty x


Kathryn Hola!/Salut! My name is Kathryn and I’m really pleased and excited to be joining the BilinguaSing East Lancashire team! I’ve been attending BilinguaSing classes with my daughter Poppy since January 2015 and we were amazed at just how fun and unique they were. I had always been passionate about learning Spanish throughout my education, which I loved, and so I thought these classes would be perfect as we could both enjoy it together. BilinguaSing has everything – music, dancing, playing, sign language, interaction, and not to mention singing along to well-known songs with a Spanish twist! It’s been wonderful seeing just how much Poppy has developed (her first ‘Hola!’ was a very proud mummy moment!) and her confidence has really shone through, along with her dance moves! The songs are so catchy and easy to learn that both parents and children can pick them up very quickly through music and song, regardless of how much or how little you may have been exposed to Spanish or French. The classes are so engaging and fun, and a great way to meet other parents and make new friends. That’s how I decided that I would like to become a part of the BilinguaSing adventure – to meet you and your little ones, combine learning with fun and be a part of seeing them flourish amongst a lovely and relaxed atmosphere with great songs that you’ll know and love! I’m really looking forward to teaching and seeing you all soon! Kathryn x


Profile pic (1) Hola! I'm Hannah and I'm thrilled to be joining the BilinguaSing team! My love of languages began as a child, sparked by an enthusiastic teacher and fueled further by family holidays to visit relatives in Spain. This passion continued into my university years where I quickly switched my English literature degree course for German and Spanish studies, a decision I've never regretted. I love the concept of teaching languages to little ones when they are young enough to soak up all that information and I'm excited to be a part of BilinguaSing. Since becoming a mum to my young daughter I've introduced her to the Spanish language and we've made some great memories at mum and baby groups. The BilinguaSing format is perfect for combining the two, encouraging children to learn a language in a fun and relaxed environment, while providing the ideal opportunity to meet other parents. I'll be running some nursery classes as well as mum and baby groups in Hyndburn, Burnley and the Ribble Valley and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Hannah x




Hola! I'm Alison and I’m really pleased that a friend of mine (who loved taking her little one to the Whalley group) put me in touch with Kirsty and introduced me to the wonderful world of Bilinguasing!

I didn’t know that groups like this existed and now I’m completely hooked on the songs and can’t wait to run my first group.

I studied languages at uni and have kept my Spanish up in particular by visiting friends I made while living out there. It’s brilliant to find something that lets me combine my love of languages with working with children – something else I really enjoy.

After uni I taught English to children of various ages in Poland and then trained as a speech therapist when I came back to the UK. I now help children with their language skills and support parents and nursery staff to help them too. I’ve always used songs, actions and props when working with kids but Bilinguasing takes it to another level!!!

I’m really looking forward to the new year and starting my first nursery groups!

Hope to meet some of you in the future.

Alison x




Hola, I'm Jude, mummy to Ruby, 9 months, Darcey, age 7 & Kyle (my step son) age 16.

I'm excited to be joining the team as I believe that children learn so much at an early age & the younger they begin to learn a second language, the easier it is for them to absorb the information.

Throughout my earlier years in childcare, we were very much focused on children 'learning through play' and that's exactly what BilinguaSing allows our children to do. Combining the 'play' aspect with the new language. Parents often wonder if it's worth bringing their babies at such a young age, well I've been attending BilinguaSing classes for several months now with Ruby and every time I sing the songs to her at home, she recognises them straight away. Her face lights up & she begins swaying along (her little way of dancing).

I for one, will continue teaching my children a second or third language. I hope you'll join us on our journey & I look forward to meeting you all at our groups!

Jude x



Hola! I'm Sarah, and I'm delighted to be joining the BilinguaSing team!

I first heard about BilinguaSing when my youngest child was almost ready to start school...I was more than a little disappointed to feel I'd missed the boat with these classes, so when the opportunity to get involved as a teacher arose I was very excited!

I've had loads of experience of working in education, particularly as a volunteer kindergarten leader and children's yoga teacher. I have three lovely children of my own who have all benefitted hugely from participating in really good quality activities as babies and toddlers.

To say I'm passionate about learning is a bit of an understatement, and I love to share my joy and enthusiasm with other people! I run my own business teaching yoga and mindfulness for kids. I'm also a musician, I've always sung with my children and used music in the group sessions I run.

I've always loved languages, and I've experience with French, German and Spanish... I'm looking forward to having fun in BilinguaSing classes with you soon!

Sarah x

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Spanish & French classes in Burnley, Pendle, Ribble Valley, Skipton & Keighley. Scroll down or click 'BOOK A CLASS' to see our full timetable.


Tel: 07725 211990

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'This is the best activity we do!' - Little Sweet Peas, Accrington.


'Hola! My girls and I go to lots of different types of toddler groups and this is by far the best! Kirsty you do such a good job!' - Leigh – Mum to Bella (3 years) & Poppy (12 months)


'We've been going to BilinguaSing in Skipton for 6 weeks now and cannot speak highly enough of it! Such a lovely fun, friendly group, we always look forward to our Thursday mornings! I have seen Isaac grow in confidence and he's now bobbing along and joining in, seems to really enjoy it. I'm proud to say I've also picked up abit of Spanish too! Definitely recommend joining up! Fab fab fab!! Xx' - Jennie – Mum to Isaac – 13 months


'My son loves this class so much. Kirsty is so enthusiastic and imaginative. She has fantastic props. This is the best group for babies that I have been to.' Alice -Mum to Walter - 5 months


'Can't wait to be singing fluently in Spanish it sounds soooo cool - Henry and Hetty love all the props and so do I - Uno dos tres xxx' - Caroline - Mum to Hetty - 7 months


'Wow what amazing classes!! Lyla, Kobi and I experienced bilinguasing today for the first time and it was fantastic!! Lyla has already picked up some spanish words and we been signing along to the CD, her favourite song has to be Ana la araña! Highly recommend these classes, muchas gracias Kirsty x' - Gemma – Mum to Lyla (2 years) & Kobi (15 months)


'My daughter and I have been going every week more or less since the classes started a year ago. We both love them. Kirsty is excellent with all the babies and toddlers and makes every week so fun. My daughter and I get so much enjoyment out of going! We would highly recommend for little ones of any age!' - Kirsty - Mum to Lilly - 16 months


'Evan loves coming. I would definitely take any further children I have. Kirsty is a great teacher!' - Lauren - Mum to Evan - 17 months


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Class timetable

Class Timetable

Bilingual music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in Burnley, Pendle, The Ribble Valley, Skipton and Keighley. Spanish & French classes with the East Lancs Team.

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TUESDAY10:00 - 10:45Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers 15th March 2016Whalley Village Hall, Whalley, Accrington Rd, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9TD SEE MAPSPANISH
TUESDAY11:00 - 11:45Birth to Early Walking 15th March 2016Whalley Village Hall, Whalley, Accrington Rd, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9TD SEE MAPSPANISH
WEDNESDAY09.30-10.15Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers 5th MarchCOLNE, Asda Colne Community Centre, BB8 8LU. SEE MAPSPANISH
10.30-11.15Birth to Early Walking 5th MarchCOLNE, Asda Colne Community Centre, BB8 8LU. SEE MAPSPANISH
Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers
8th JanuarySKIPTON, Skipton Children's Centre, Brougham Street, BD23 2ES. SEE MAPSPANISH
Sitting Babies to Early Walking 8th JanuarySKIPTON, Skipton Children's Centre, Brougham Street, BD23 2ES. SEE MAPSPANISH
Birth to Sitting Babies 8th JanuarySKIPTON, Skipton Children's Centre, Brougham Street, BD23 2ES. SEE MAPSPANISH
FRIDAY9.30-10.15Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers 9th JanuaryFOULRIDGE, Cafe Cargo, Warehouse Lane, BB8 7PP. SEE MAPSPANISH
FRIDAY10.30-11.15Birth to Early Walking 9th JanuaryFOULRIDGE, Cafe Cargo, Warehouse Lane, BB8 7PP. SEE MAPSPANISH
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