‘On y va’ Vol. 1 Primary French CD


On y va Vol. 1

This 16-track CD is the main soundtrack for our primary school French clubs. It includes original tracks to help children learn greetings, numbers up to 30, the alphabet, days of the week, months, birthdays, family members, animals and more! Our catchy songs are bound to get everyone up and dancing. Great fun for all the family!

The 8-page CD booklet contains a French sounds chart with lyrics with pronunciation tips so even the least confident linguist can learn! Suitable from birth.

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BilinguaSing  On y va! Volume 1 – Primary French CD

On y va! Volume 1 is the first of two CDs in the On y va! CD series and is the main soundtrack for our primary school clubs and classes. Great gift for a friend or family member!
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Track Listing:

1 – Hello, What Is Your Name? / Salut, comment t’appelles-tu?  (French only)

2 – Let’s Count From 1-10 / Comptons de 1 à 10

3 – How Old Are You? / Quel âge as-tu?

4 – B-I-N-G-O / B-I-N-G-O

5 – My Family / Ma famille

6 – Alphabet Song / L’alphabet 

7 – I Spy / Je vois

8 – Everybody Dance / Dansons tous ensemble

9 – What Day Is It? / Quel jour est-Il?

10 – Let’s Count From 1-30 / Comptons de 1 à 30

11 – When Is Your Birthday? / Quand est ton anniversaire ?

12 – Mother Donkey / Maman âne

13 – What Is Your Favourite Colour? / Quelle est ta couleur préférée?

14 – Until Next Time / À la prochaine fois

15 /16 – BONUS TRACKS: Let’s Count From 11-20, Let’s Count From 21-30


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