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Today’s parents have become aware of the benefits of starting languages as early as possible.

They want to know that they are getting a great quality class that offers value and incorporates a range of benefits and features. BilinguaSing offers exactly that. BilinguaSing is an award-winning, unique class; firstly in that it is the only truly ‘bilingual’ music class franchise in the UK (everything we do is done in English first making it so easy to learn). In addition to using sign language, we also offer many of the benefits of other types of class. There is currently an abundance of music classes around, but few of them stand out as ‘different’ with that ‘extra something’ to offer.

At BilinguaSing we offer a bit of everything! Are you looking for a gentle, ‘sensory’ class for you and your baby? Perhaps you like the sound of Baby Yoga, Baby Massage or another sensory development class? Our ‘birth-sitting’ programme is the perfect fit - see the table below:

The result is truly magical, and loads of fun! Neither you nor your child need to have any knowledge of French Spanish to join us – in fact, most of our families don’t!

Find out about our gentle, sensory baby development programme for newborns and our class for bouncing babes on the move here.

If your child is now at preschool or primary school, we also offer Early Years sessions plus lunchtime and after school clubs at many schools.

Read a selection of our parent testimonials:

“We’ve just finished a 3-week summer course of Baby Loves Spanish. My 5 month old daughter and I loved it! The songs are sung in English and Spanish – it’s amazing how quickly the Spanish versions get stuck in your head! I think it’s really important for babies to be exposed to additional languages as early as possible. It’s also great for mums as it challenges you and staves off ‘baby brain’! I will definitely be signing us up for the Autumn term!”

Emma and Harper

“I can’t recommend Baby Loves Spanish enough. It’s easily our favourite baby activity of the week, I think I look forward to it as much as Ben does! A lovely atmosphere, a great group of mums and brilliant Spanish songs.”

Steph and Ben


Watch our parent testimonials:
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