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Who attends BilinguaSing classes?

We have lots of mums who bring their little one(s) to our classes, however we also have many dads, grandparents, nannies and childminders who enjoy learning a new language alongside the little ones in their care.

Most of the adults in the class are new to learning a language, or maybe have a rusty qualification that gets brought back out and dusted off in class! However, some of our parents are native speakers of French and Spanish. Remember, the classes are bilingual, so we sing all of the rhymes in English first meaning that everyone feels relaxed which is the best way to be in order to be receptive to a new language.

At BilinguaSing, we recognise that all children develop at their own pace, reaching developmental milestones when they are ready rather than by a certain age. Therefore our class brackets reflect development by stage, rather than age, and there is never any pressure to move to the next stage. It is really up to the parent or carer to decide when the time is right.

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Sensory baby development classes

Our specialist baby development classes for babies are suitable from birth through to crawling. This gentle, sensory class draws on the benefits of baby massage and yoga resulting in a relaxing,magical time for parent and baby to enjoy together. 0-1 is the best time to introduce a second language – make the most of this window of opportunity with your new arrival! Click for full details of our Baby Loves Spanish and Baby Loves French programmes.

Fun and funky classes for busy bees!

Funky and super-active bilingual music classes for toddlers and preschoolers. Embark on a magical journey with your little one, where they will meet animal characters, reach for the stars on a trip to the moon, swim with the fish in the sea and dance amongst the colours of the rainbow! Click for full details of our We Sing Spanish and We Sing French programmes. Are you a nursery or preschool? Click here to enquire.

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