Award-winning bilingual music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

French & Spanish music classes for toddlers & preschoolers

There are so many toddler groups out there! Why choose BilinguaSing?

There are so many fab reasons for learning languages. Throw sensory play, sign language and our fab bilingual songs into the mix and you have everything you could possibly need for your little one, all in one class! Learning French or Spanish with BilinguaSing is a blast - we make it so fun and engaging that your toddler or preschooler won’t be able to wait until their next class!

What happens in a BilinguaSing toddler & preschool class?

Like our baby sessions, the class starts off with a welcome in Spanish or French to each child with the words displayed to make it easy to follow. Your little one will interact with a variety of props, puppets, light shows and bubbles throughout the class duration which adds a great sensory element to the experience and makes the class magical for little ones!

British Sign Language (BSL) is used to reinforce key vocabulary which, along with the use of English and the familiarity of the songs, makes the language easy to grasp for both adults and children.

Watch your toddler start to perform actions and sign language themselves and interact with the props with greater control as their motor skills develop. Your teacher will use drama, creative play, dance and movement all set to a fantastic soundtrack of familiar nursery rhymes, original BilinguaSing tracks and traditional Spanish or French songs all from the award-winning BilinguaSing record label.

We Sing French or Spanish is all about building your little one's confidence with music and language as well as focusing on their physical and emotional development.

The class nurtures a lifetime of language-learning through music and play! Find a class near you!


"My 3 year old and I have been attending our French class for a term now. It truly is one of the highlights of our week, and hearing our little boy join in with all the songs in French as well as English is a real joy! We love the CDs too. Merci merci merci!"

Lucy Dickson, Mum to Arthur, age 3

"I started taking my son to BilinguaSing Spanish classes when he was about 10 months and we've loved it ever since - so much so I joined the BilinguaSing team!! The BilinguaSing CDs are fantastic for car journeys - in fact "Twinkle Twinkle / Estrellita" was the only thing that would stop my son from having a meltdown in the car at one point.My son's just started school now so I'm keeping everything crossed they'll introduce a BilinguaSing school club so he can continue learning whilst having an absolute blast. 5 estrellas!"

Caireen Ewart, Mum to Alex

"Loving our Wed class. It's such a unique thing to do with babies/toddlers. The class is fun and interactive. We will be having a little time off waiting for our new arrival but hope to be back soon along with the new baby. In the meanwhile we'll practice singing along to the CDs ?"

Donna and Keiron (2 yrs)

"Night-time songs tonight took an interesting twist as my almost 2yo Freya asked for "horsey horsey" in suppish (Spanish)! I obliged of course and she then sang it in English followed by Spanish...over and over and over again, enjoying the 'tacata' bit the most. Just goes to show how clever our little ones are! Proud mummy!"

Kirsty and Freya (22 months)

"Amazing class - not only can my toddler sing in Spanish but I've also learned the songs (despite baby brain & not speaking a word of Spanish). Couldn't recommend Caireen's wonderful classes more highly."

Frankie Godrich, Maidenhead

"Brilliant classes, I've now been taking my little girl for well over a year. Started in the baby class and now moved up to the toddler one, I cannot recommend the classes enough - they are engaging, fun and with the massive added bonus of Spanish (or French if you do the French one...) thrown in too. We also have the CDs for the car and they are proving very popular too!"

Tamsin Denholm, Maidenhead

"I love these classes. They were my favourite when I was on maternity leave and now my husband takes Sebastian every week. Lots of fun with props and sometimes moves for each song and in French! Definitely recommend to any Mums looking for a sing along with a difference. Very educational too."

Angela Higham, Huddersfield


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