Why a BilinguaSing Languages Franchise?

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Buying a languages franchise is a great option if you would love to work for yourself and have the flexibility to choose your working hours, but like the idea of not having to start everything from scratch!

Starting a business can be a daunting prospect, and there is always so much more to think about than you could have ever possibly imagined (as our founder, Ellie, herself found out)!

If you franchise with BilinguaSing you will be buying into a great, tried-and-tested languages business model, a modern, cute and well thought-out brand and a unique languages class concept which will set you apart from your competitors. Add our fantastic head office support team, training and unrivalled team ethos to the mix and you will have all of the tools and skills you need to launch your children's music and languages class franchise and make a huge impact from the word go!

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Case study – Kirsty Burrows,  franchise owner, East Lancashire

Kirsty pic (1)When did you launch your BilinguaSing franchise?

I launched my first BilinguaSing languages classes in East Lancashire in January 2015. For me this was huge - life changing even...and I am so glad that I did it and more importantly, that I did it with BilinguaSing!

Do you feel well supported by the BilinguaSing Head Office team?

The team at HQ is fantastic - they are all so passionate about the business and are so helpful. Any enquiries, no matter how big or small are answered efficiently and in depth. The team are always available to help - even if you just need reassurance as I did at the beginning. They are really professional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble.

What made you choose BilinguaSing over other language or music class franchises?

The Bilingual languages class concept is fantastic and the way that it is presented by BilinguaSing is smart, professional and also really cute! Mummies, Daddies and Grandparents all fall in love with the second language, songs and the props. In my area it is quite revolutionary and although it has taken some time to build classes, I really believe that it is starting to take off and as it is so 'up and coming' around here, it will continue to grow.

How was your first year as a BilinguaSing franchisee?

I am going to be totally honest - it is a risk launching a new business and at times it was quite nerve wracking, and I worked long hours behind the scenes to market the classes. However, after 6-9 months I started to see the results and gradually the work load reduced as 'word of mouth' took over a lot of the marketing effort and I became more systematic with regards to administration and lesson planning.

How does working with BilinguaSing compare to what you did before?

If I compare it to my previous career, I certainly spend a lot more time at home with my beautiful family and my time spent at work is stress free - I love it so much that I feel like I am meeting my friends and their little ones during classes - it doesn't really feel like a job at all!

How would sum up your work and life as a BilinguaSinger in 5 words?

If I could sum up the role of offering and delivering BilinguaSing languages classes in 5 words it would be 'Rewarding, fun, smiles, pride and joy!'

What our franchisees say…

“Running Spanish & French BilinguaSing languages classes doesn't seem like 'work' as the class material is such fun to deliver and the feedback I receive from the children & parents in my sessions is fantastic.”

Kate Sleeman, BilinguaSing franchise owner, Reading and Wokingham

"When I first contacted Ellie she seemed very professional and I got a good vibe. My instinct was right and I have to say that the whole BilinguaSing team have been highly professional and supportive at all times. They make you feel part of the BilinguaSing family and your views and opinions are always valued. I couldn't have achieved so much in so little lime on my own."

Lourdes Rueda,  BilinguaSing franchise owner, Southampton and Winchester

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