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Welcome to our treasure trove of gorgeous bilingual lullabies for babies, nursery rhymes for toddlers & preschoolers & funky tunes for 4-11 year olds!

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Here at BilinguaSing Records we ALL understand how long and tedious those car journeys can be...and then there's the kid's music we have to tolerate! When we set out to produce our baby music, toddler tunes and kids songs we had you (the parent) in mind too. We wanted our music to be easy on the ear, catchy & educational. Even grown ups love it! Learn French or Spanish as a family while on the move - it's a win-win for all!

spanish cds for kids

If you don't love our CDs, just return it to us in saleable condition and we'll give you your money back (minus postage costs). That's how sure we are that you won't regret replacing your current in-car entertainment collection with the BilinguaSing series of English-Spanish or English-French CDs! Just drop us an email at with your feedback.