Spanish & French music classes for Nurseries & Preschools

The ideal class for your EYFS setting

Our award-winning Spanish & French music classes for nurseries, preschools and childminder settings stand out from the usual classes on offer. BilinguaSing combines music and a second language, giving your nursery a unique, high-quality class that the children will adore and parents will love!

Why choose a BilinguaSing class for my setting?

  • Great value for money as it’s a music and a language class all in one!
  • An educational class that works brilliantly in a nursery or pre-school environment
  • Sensory and stimulating for 0-4s
  • Fits perfectly with the EYFS framework
  • Affordable - just ask us for a quote you may be surprised!
  • Teaching children languages from an early age really helps their development, enhances their speech and increases their confidence.

What happens in a BilinguaSing class?

Children embark on a magical journey every session;  greeting each other in the foreign language, meeting animal characters, playing instruments, reaching for the stars on a trip to the moon, swimming with the fish in the sea and dancing among the colours of the rainbow!

The staff in your setting will be encouraged to join in and learn the language and the songs with the children. Our enthusiastic teachers can provide guidance to you and your staff helping them to embed the language in the children's daily routine.

How long does a class last?

Lessons are usually for 30 to 45 minutes.

How much does it cost?

We offer bespoke packages to many of our nurseries to cover different age groups and numbers of children to suit every budget. Just fill in the contact form and we can arrange a free demonstration for you and discuss your budget and requirements.

We don't have the budget for it - is there a 'Parent Pay' option?

Yes absolutely - we can offer parents the opportunity for their child to participate in our French or Spanish programmes and pay us directly using our easy, fuss-free online booking system. All you need is a separate space for those children to be taken to for their weekly class.

"Today we had our first BilinguaSing session with a full class and the staff and children thought it was absolutely fantastic. Catherine captivates the children so well and they have been singing the songs around the classroom ever since she left! I just thought we would let you know that we are very happy with BilinguaSing already and hope to continue having you for a long time."   

Claire, Manager of Winkfield Montessori, Berkshire

“It’s the best activity we do!”

Little Sweetpeas Childminders, Lancs

“From the very first free demonstration class that Kate ran for us, the children (and my nursery staff!) have absolutely loved joining in with the BilinguaSing songs and are mesmerised by the engaging props that Kate brings with her.”

Natalie, Nursery Manager, Honeysuckle Day Nursery, Shinfield, Berks

“Most, if not all of our parents have commented how much they love the idea of the Spanish classes. It is also something that prospective parents looking around the nursery ask about and they are impressed that BlinguaSing offers something more than a standard language lesson.”

Sarah Hurley, Nursery class teacher, Victoria House Day Nursery, Marlow

“Since starting our weekly Spanish classes about a month ago, the feedback from parents has been amazing as the children are already repeating Spanish words at home!”

Natalie, Nursery Manager, Honeysuckle Day Nursery, Shinfield, Berks

“Our BilinguaSing classes are extremely interactive and use lots of visual aids to engage the children. The words are visible to aid the adults in singing the songs. We have had lots of positive parental feedback saying that the children are ‘speaking’ Spanish at home!”

Phyllis Maguire-Harrington, Nursery Manager, Rose Street Nursery, Wokingham

“The children at Little Gems really enjoy the singing in Spanish. The songs are made interesting with actions, movement and props. Over time they are beginning to pick up the words and phrases and we often nd them singing the songs within the pre-school outside of the sessions. The CDs that can be bought mean the children can enjoy the tunes at home as well and several children have now bought copies.”

Little Gems Preschool, West End, Hants

“From my point of view, BilinguaSing offers great value for money as it’s a music and a language class all in one. I would definitely recommend BilinguaSing as a fun and educational class that works brilliantly in a nursery or pre-school environment.”

Natalie, Nursery Manager, Honeysuckle Day Nursery, Shinfield, Berks

"Prospective parents are definitely interested and impressed when we say we have BilinguaSing classes here and I believe that it somewhat helps their decision whether or not to send their child to our setting."

Sarah Hurley, Class teacher, Victoria House Day Nursery, Marlow

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