BilinguaSing Baby Loves French CD Vol.2


Baby Loves French CD 2

This 14-track CD is a favourite and is the main soundtrack for our Baby Loves French classes. It includes more bilingual reworks of classics including ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Row Your Boat’, some original tracks like ‘Peek-a-boo’ and classic French rhymes such as ‘Meunier tu dors’.

Each verse is sung first in English and then in French.

The 8-page CD booklet contains a French sounds chart with lyrics with pronunciation tips so even the least confident linguist can learn! Suitable from birth.

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BilinguaSing Baby Loves French CD2

Baby Loves French CD2 is the second of two CDs in the Baby Loves French CD series and is the soundtrack for our Baby Loves French classes.

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Track Listing:

1  –  Bonjour!  – Hello ! (French only)

2 – Miller You Sleep / Meunier  tu  dors

3 – I Hear Thunder / Coup de tonnerre

4 – Turn Little Windmill / Tourne petit moulin

5 – Peek-a-boo / Coucou

6 – Upside-Down Ducks / Tous les p’tits canards

7 – ‘Boom Boom’ Went The Little Green Frog / ‘Boom boom’ dit la petite grenouille

8 – Row Your Boat / Rame sur l’eau

9 – Humpty Dumpty / Mr Œuf

10 – Zoom Zoom / Zoum zoum

11  – Ten Little Instruments / Dix petits instruments

12 – This Is The Beehive / Voici la ruche

13 – The Sun Goes Up / Le soleil se lève

14 – À bientôt – See you soon (French only)

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