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BilinguaSing Spanish and French children's language classes for primary schools stand out from the usual language lessons.

Children are actively involved in singing in Spanish or French from the moment they walk in until they leave the class. They learn purely through singing our funky bilingual Spanish and French songs with a healthy dose of drama, sign language and fabulous props thrown in for good measure! Children will embark on a magical bilingual singing journey every session, where they will meet animal characters, reach for the stars on a trip to the moon, swim with the fish in the sea and dance amongst the colours of the rainbow - all while learning Spanish or French!

Each language class lasts for either 30 or 45 minutes and can be run either as a lunchtime or after school club. Additionally we can deliver curriculum-time sessions to meet your school's requirements and assist with your PPA needs.

It is now commonly understood that teaching children languages from an early age really helps them to excel through their school years as it also helps their development in other subjects, enhancing their speech and understanding of their own language as well as increasing their confidence and overall cognitive development.

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Language Celebration Days

Sampling Spanish tapasOur Language Celebration Days for schools are a fantastic way of bringing languages to life not only for the children but also for the staff. We offer French Language and Spanish Language Days, or a combination of many different languages.

At a  recent Language Celebration Day at St Peter's School in South Buckinghamshire the day coincided with Euro 2016, and the children were grouped into football teams that reflected the languages spoken at the school. The children came to school on the day dressed in the colours of their team, and some really went to town with coordinating face paint too! The staff also got on board with a fantastic array of outfits, much to the children's amusement.

The children followed a carousel-type timetable which gave them an insight into not only a variety of languages, but also a taste of some new cultures. these experiences ranged from an introduction to British Sign Language to French cookery, and even included singing in Slovak!

These fabulous Language Celebration Days really do give the children and staff something to remember forever, and can inspire youngsters to look outside the world that they know and become true explorers!

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Highly interactive French & Spanish classes

Head Teacher testimonial

"The children really enjoy their Spanish classes and can often be heard singing the songs in the corridors and the playground!"

Gemma Donnelly, Head Teacher, Braywick Court School, Maidenhead

Our award-winning bilingual songs

ptaaWe are delighted to have received a 'Silver' award by the prestigious 'Primary Teacher Update' magazine for our best-selling bilingual CDs for primary school aged children; Vamos Vol. 1 and On y va Vol.1. Thank you to our testers who gave us a lovely review in the magazine!



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