Bilingual baby music & sensory classes for newborns

Why should I bring my baby to a BilinguaSing class?

You are probably here because you are a parent who wants the best for their child. You are not looking to follow the crowd, and you don't just want to settle for something 'average'. Why do separate baby music, baby yoga and baby massage classes when you can have it all AND with another language?

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Here are some of the key advantages and benefits of bringing your baby along to one of our classes from as young as 4 weeks old:

  1. The best way to learn a new language is to do it at the same time as you are learning your mother tongue. Babies aged 0-6 months are better placed than anyone to embark on a second language, in fact experts say that they start absorbing all of the sounds they hear whilst still in the womb. it may be too late for us parents to take advantage of this proven 0-6 month window of opportunity - but not so for your newborn!
  2. Exposure to multiple languages from birth helps make new neural pathways in the brain - all of which lead to greater all-round academic competencies as they grow up!
  3. You will learn massage and yoga techniques to do at home with your baby, along to our lovely soundtrack of bilingual lullabies
  4. You will meet parents who have similar aspirations for their children. Research shows that making positive new relationships with like-minded parents during your postnatal period contributes to a positive mindset and can lower the risk of post-natal depression.
  5. Learn a valuable life skill alongside your baby. Mums who have left an intellectually challenging role at work to start a family are often more at risk of feeling disconnected and lacking stimulation. Make the most of your maternity leave and stave off the baby brain!

What happens in a BilinguaSing newborn class?

Our Baby Loves French and Baby Loves Spanish baby music class is a gentle, sensory class which uses elements of baby yoga and massage to make it a truly holistic experience for mum and baby.

The classes start with time to chat and get to know other like-minded parents. In fact many great friendships have begun in a Baby Loves class!

We introduce babies to French or Spanish using our lovely Baby Loves Spanish 1 or Baby Loves French 1 soundtrack of bilingual songs, all of which are presented in English first, followed by the second language.

The songs are accompanied by gentle movements which all take inspiration from baby yoga, baby massage and baby reflexology. These movements have been designed to soothe your little one, to help babies stretch, release trapped wind and find relief from teething and colic in addition to helping to stimulate the development of fine and gross motor skills.

"I've been coming to Baby Loves French with my daughter since she was 8 weeks old and out of every thing we've done it’s definitely the class we enjoy the most. The classes are sensory as well as language based. The babies get to interact with props, lights, music and sounds. They also incorporate signing and baby massage and my daughter loves watching the other children."

Gill, mum to Evie (6 months)

"The language side of it is all music based so we will first sing a song in English and then French. Our teacher always explains the pronunciation and what the words mean so you don’t need to speak French as a parent to attend. My daughter is always so happy in class and she gets the benefit of picking up another language too."

Gill, mum to Evie  (6 months)

"We've just finished a 3-week summer course of Baby Loves Spanish. My 5 month old daughter and I loved it! The songs are sung in English and Spanish - it's amazing how quickly the Spanish versions get stuck in your head! I think it's really important for babies to be exposed to additional languages as early as possible. It's also great for mums as it challenges you and staves off 'baby brain'! I will definitely be signing us up for the Autumn term!"

Emma and baby Harper (3 months)

"I can't recommend Baby Loves Spanish enough. It's easily our favourite baby activity of the week, I think I look forward to it as much as Ben does! A lovely atmosphere, a great group of mums and brilliant Spanish songs from the fantastic CDs ?"

Steph and Ben (6 months)

"Excellent taster session today thanks BilinguaSing! Leo and I are really looking forward to September!"

Dannii and Leo (5 months)

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It is never too early to start listening to our bilingual baby music! Baby Loves Spanish CD1 or Baby Loves French CD1 are the key music CDs for our newborn baby classes.

Each verse is sung in English first, and followed by Spanish to help facilitate understanding and develop language skills gradually.

Baby Loves French CD1


"A lovely collection of songs that not only are enjoyed by my babies, but which keep Mummy's sleep-deprived brain active by learning some French!"

Marianne, mum to twins Elise & Thomas (2 months)

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Baby Loves Spanish CD1

AUG15_Jewel_Case_Booklet BABY LOVES Spanish_vol1_1

"We bought this CD after attending the fabulous "Baby Loves Spanish" classes in Windsor. My 10 month old loves listening to it in the car and claps along happily."

Madeleine, mum to Jacob (6 months).

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