CD Testimonials for BilinguaSing CDs

Testimonials for Bilingual music CDs for babies and young children -
(Baby Loves Spanish / We Sing Spanish)

"I would like to highly recommend this CD to anyone has young children. My one year old niece loved it."  Lisa Ulyatt

"Fantastic music for babies, my 4 month old loves these nursery rhymes. I think it's a fun way to introduce a different language to your little one and if, like me, you don't speak another language, you can learn at the same time!" Emily and Felix

"We have had this CD a few weeks now and it was an instant hit with my 18 month old. She has already started to 'sing' along to it and asks for clip clop (horsey horsey), wee wee wee (3 little pigs!) and mar,mar,mar (a sailor went to sea) as soon as we turn it on! The plus side is it is actually quite melodic and it hasn't driven us crazy at all yet! Even grandma commented on what a nice easy to listen to cd it is! Would highly recommend." Amazon customer

"I absolutely love this CD. I play it to my spanish little niece who is one and a half years old and she absolutely loves it. It helps spanish babies and toddlers (and adults as well) to get a grasp of English too. We also create our own moves to the songs which is really fun. The CD is very varied and it and it really helps my niece to get used to the English and Spanish language from a very early age. Shame they don't run classes in Spain as I'm sure spanish babies would absolutely love it! It's also really nice to hear that both the English and Spanish singers are native speakers. I am spanish and you can obviously hear the difference when it's not a native speaker. Can't wait for the next volume!" Rita

"Bought this cd initially to complement the classes we go to so that daughter could recognise sounds and songs. We have absolutely no connection with spain and just wanted an activity which provides learning and fun in a calm environment. I love ellie's approach to the classes and its the same with the cd - cleverly selected nursery rhymes which can be accompanied with fun actions to engage the child, like "horsey horsey" and "this little piggy", plus some new ones like "mr sun" (my personal favourite!). Don't be misguided into thinking it's just for pushy mothers keen to have a bilingual 1yr old. This feel-good cd is for mums and babes who enjoy a good singalong, but with the added bonus of possibly picking up an ear for another language. What's great is that it sings verse by verse in english then spanish so it's quite easy to remember the language without any effort. The cd insert also has the translation and a helpful table of specific pronunciations. Putting aside the spanish element, this is a cd of lovely nursery rhymes sung clearly and rhythmically which, in itself, is a great learning tool." Kirsty Stephenson

"So often the voice on recorded nursery rhymes is not pleasant to listen to, these are fine and sing clearly. CD is well laid out with a seamless flow of English to Spanish. Very happy with it!" Amazon customer

"Fantastic cd. My little boy stops and listens as soon as I play it. Really easy to pick up the Spanish!" Julia Caldwell

"I bought this CD for my baby son as I was keen to introduce him to a second language. The CD is full of well known nursery rhymes sang in both English and Spanish. It's surprisingly easy to pick up the Spanish by singing. My son loves it." Rebecca Haskins

"Although the title of this CD is Baby Loves Spanish do not let that put you off buying it for an older child. I recently bought it for my five year old granddaughter and she absolutely loves it." Pam Griffin

"We bought this CD after attending the fabulous "Baby Loves Spanish" classes in Windsor. My 10 month old loves listening to it in the car and claps along happily. The songs are very catchy and all the family are gradually picking up lots of spanish phrases. I can't wait to receive CD2 very soon! I would recommend this CD to anyone with children of any age!" Madeleine Garrett

"I bought this to go with the Baby Loves Spanish course for my 8 month old and we play it in the car to help us learn the words. The songs are clear and it is good to hear them in English and Spanish and it is done in such a way that is not confusing. My four year old also loves to hear it and is picking up the words just from the few times we have had it going to/from school. Great way to learn a new language." Nicki Kempston-Gulliver

"This Cd is absolutely brilliant, my son and I listen to it all the time in the car, even I have started to pick up the nursery rhymes in Spanish!" Deepika Verma

"My 7 month old loves this CD - sometimes it is the only thing that will calm her down. There are some classics combined with new songs and the main thing for me is that they do not get irritating like a lot of children's songs. I feel like I am using my brain too by learning some Spanish at the same time. Highly recommended." Grace Birtwistle

"My 2 and 4 year old love this CD and request Pitter Patter Raindrops or The Sun Goes Up when we get in the car. I wanted to introduce them to Spanish as we holiday there and for me to understand more Spanish. The songs are sung in English and then in Spanish and the songs are lively, easy to remember and we all enjoy them." (CD2) Viv Otter

"Thank you! My daughter loves the CDs. She's been singing several of the songs all day. She even started singing the Spanish part of the Bobbin song. " Salena Ausonio

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