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The Power of Music on the Memory!

If you're reading this, you probably already know why teaching languages to our little ones is so important. The question for you may be, why choose the BilinguaSing method for your little one?
Have you ever heard a song just once and then failed to get it out of your head for days after? Yet try remembering those words of Greek you thought you'd memorised for your holiday and you can bet they just vanish from your mind just when you need them!
BilinguaSing solves this problem by combining the power of music with language learning - and the results speak for themselves (see our video of testimonials below)! Our unique sensory music and movement programme is tailored specifically to the developmental stage of your child, whether they be 4 weeks old or 11 years. The result is truly magical, and loads of fun! Neither you nor your child need to have any knowledge of French or Spanish to join us – in fact, most of our families don’t!
To find out more about BilinguaSing please look around our website or meet our founder to find out more about the story of BilinguaSing!

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