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Browse the BilinguaSing collection of Spanish learning CDs for children of all ages (babies, toddlers, preschoolers and primary school kids).

At BilinguaSing, the songs have been carefully chosen and written by our founder, mother and experienced languages teacher, with English cleverly interwoven to support understanding and accelerate learning.

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Why are our 'Spanish for kids' CDs the best?

* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers (English then Spanish) with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too

* CD insert contains all of the lyrics with a pronunciation guide and colour coding to help parents with pronunciation

* Our award-winning bilingual music is so engaging that grown-ups love it to too (not just tolerate it)!

Learn spanish kids

BABY LOVES Spanish CD BilinguaSingCD1_vol1Baby Loves Spanish CD1 - Gorgeous bilingual lullabies for babies

"Wonderful bilingual cd. Really pleasant to sing a long to. Really simple clearly expressed phrases but still sung in an appealing way. We have had this on a lot of for our 16 month old who loves it!"     

Amazon customer, July 2017

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